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Radio Nacional Clásica

"Established Orchestra


"Breakthrough Artist Award - Orchestra Conductor"

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"The exquisite direction of Natalia Salinas, the exact balance between layers, the irrepressible dramatic waves, a brilliant performance of the instrumental ensemble."

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Diego Fischerman

"We are in the presence of one of the most important conductors that our country has produced in recent times, she has risen to every challenge and demonstrated that she is destined for great things."

De paraiso para usted

Donato Decina

"[...] About conductor Natalia Salinas, it must be said that she made a very good impression due to the confidence and clarity with which she translated three complex and difficult works. As a result of a careful preparation, her handling of levels was irreproachable, as well as her conceptual precision, without prejudice of some too vigorous volumes, stripped of recondite interrogations in the execution of "Orion".​

La Prensa

Carlos Ernesto Ure

" Salinas is a kind of subversive in the universe of the orchestras." 


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Santiago Giordano

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