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[OPERA] « La Tragédie de Carmen » by Marius Constant / G. Bizet. Teatro delle Muse, Ancona.

Ottobre 2023

“Natalia Salinas does a great job with the conducting and offers a limpid and clear reading of the opera, bringing out to the maximum the sound mixtures of Byzantine melodies that, although heard countless times, are almost rediscovered for the chamber structure of the orchestra.”

Domenico Ciccone per OperaClick

« A seductive performance both formally, dramaturgically, and in terms of singing and musical performance. The baton of Argentinian Natalia Salinas directed the instrumental balances with fine assurance, leading the 'G. Rossini' Symphony Orchestra to a superb performance. »

Giuseppe Distefano per EXIBART

 “On the stage of the Orchestra Sinfonica 'G. Rossini' Natalia Salinas, in her Italian debut at the Muse, the Argentinian conductor who lives in Strasbourg [...] A careful, precise direction [...] strong in the moments of greatest dramatic expectation, linear for the voices [...].”

Giancarlo Garoia per comunicatistampanet


[OPERA] « Maria de Buenos Aires » by Astor Piazzolla. Konzert und Theater St Gallen

March 2022


“Under the direction of Argentinian Natalia Salinas, the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra plays its heart out and lets the Argentinian rhythms dance in the air. The emotional folklore of Piazzolla blends with the sensual staging to create a passionate affair.”

Viviane Sonderegger  - SEITEN

"How to turn this into an exciting and captivating evening of musical theatre? The guarantee for this is undoubtedly the strong Argentinian artistic presence. With Natalia Salinas [...] , for the second time in the current St. Gallen opera season, there is a powerful young woman on the podium of the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra who, as an Argentinian, knows how the tango should be played passionately, tightly, transparently and yet with mysterious subtlety."

Martin Preisser - TAGBLATT

 “The St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the Argentinian Natalia Salinas, plays as if it were an Argentinian orchestra with tango "in its blood.”



[CONCERT] Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina - Centro Cultural Kirchner

April 2024

"Conductor Natalia Salinas assumed with solvency and wide knowledge the coordination, leading to a superlative result the performance of the orchestra, who devoted themselves with discipline and concentration to this complex programme with a result of excellence."

Andrés Berretta - De paraiso para Ud.

[OPERA] « Alice in Wonderlnad » by Marta Lambertini. Teatro Colón

September 2023


“Natalia Salinas led the instrumental ensemble as well as the student-singers with a sure hand. The great work of previous preparation and the adequate knowledge of the score on the part of the conductor was noticeable. Her very good concertation was noticeable at every moment, as well as her attention to every detail.”

Gustavo Otero - Sobrevivientes en la Ciudad

"The opera "Alice in Wonderland" also had the exceptional contribution of Natália Salinas, an internationally renowned orchestral director. Under her direction, the Erató Ensemble Musical of the Instituto Superior del Teatro Colón took the musical experience to a sublime level, providing an unforgettable musical quality that perfectly complemented the narrative.

Natália Salinas' ability to lead and inspire the musicians was evident in every note, enriching the opera's atmosphere and contributing to the magic that enveloped the audience."

Rosilene Bejarano - Top Society

[OPERA] « Der Jasager » by Kurt Weill -  Teatro Coliseo / Teatro Colón

August 2023


"Natalia Salinas, in charge of the musical direction of Weill's opera, offered a clear and at the same time incisive reading, attentive to the expression of the text, deep and reflective in the style of the sprechgesang".

Ernesto Castagnino - Tiempo de Música

"Natalia Salinas' direction plays an essential role in strengthening Weill's musical qualities in Der Jasager The composition presents conventional characteristics but with a marked vitality".

Virginia Chacon Dorr - Diario CLARIN 

[ORATORIO] « TURBAE ad Passionem Gregorianam op.43 » by Alberto Ginastera - 

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina - Centro Cultural Kirchner

November 2022


"One of the best concerts of the season of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Argentina[...]The work performed by Maestra Natalia Salinas was perceived as highly professional and committed, which was contagious to each of the elements of the orchestra.".

Daniel Varacalli Costas -Sovreviviente en la Ciudad

"Natalia Salinas did an outstanding job, surpassing even her triumphant performance in that memorable opening of the Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea in 2019. She worked down to the smallest detail, achieved precision in her interventions, guided with absolute precision and excelled in the imposing finale.
We are in the presence of one of the most important conductors that our country has produced in recent times, she has honoured every challenge and demonstrated that she is called to great things."

Donato Decina - De paraiso para Usted

Ginastera Turbae 17 .jpeg

[CONCERT]  Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires - Usina del Arte

October 2023


"For the podium, maestro Natalia Salinas, with a growing international career but also a frequent visitor to her country, was called upon to conduct with neatness and dexterity a programme of composers central to the repertoire, but not at all trite.
(...) Salinas and the philharmonics gave a convincing reading."

Daniel Varacalli Costas -Sovreviviente en la Ciudad

[CONCERT]  Orquesta Estable del Teatro Argentino de La Plata - Teatro Argentino

November 2023

"The conducting was entrusted to one of the most important female conductors of recent times: Natalia Salinas.
(...) The concert began with the world premiere of the Suite "Parkour" by Tomás Bordalejo (...) Once again, Natalia Salinas once again demonstrated her real ability in conducting contemporary repertoire, leading an ensemble that respected even the slightest markings of the remarkable conductor. 
( ...) Natalia Salinas and the Estable tackled one of the virtuoso jewels of the Post-Romantic period, Jean Sibelius' Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 47. An opportunity to appreciate the Maestra's worth in this repertoire.."

Donato Decina - De paraiso para Usted

[CONCERT] Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Argentina - Centro Cultural Kirchner
December  2019

"[...] About conductor Natalia Salinas, it must be said that she made a very good impression due to the confidence and clarity with which she translated three complex and difficult works. As a result of a careful preparation, her handling of levels was irreproachable, as well as her conceptual precision, without prejudice of some too vigorous volumes, stripped of recondite interrogations in the execution of "Orion". 

Carlos Ernesto Ure – Diario La Prensa

[OPERA] « The Raven » by Toshio Hosokawa - Teatro Colón

August 2017


"The exquisite direction of Natalia Salinas, the exact balance between layers, the irrepressible dramatic waves, a brilliant performance of the instrumental ensemble." 

Diego Fischerman - Diario Pagina12

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